Thursday, 19 December 2013


Hey sorry! havent been on in a while! i was just busy with my other blog
Doesent demi look gorgeus in this pic!?
Love you Demi no matter what!
xoxo Mia :D

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Did you Know that?

Omg! There so cute! Lil' Demi and Selena! Ok look at this! Lil' demi is all nerdy then but know shes like this
Not so nerdy?

 And Lil' selena is all prepted up and now shes still prepted!


Hey! This is not my first blog! So I have another blog too! You can get free stardoll things on that blog we post things that are really popular! And we have this thing called Captured! Want to know more about captured? Then go to my other blog: Its powered by me and my friend Arora199. Thats all! xoxo Mia :D


I miss them! They were amazing! Happy! All of them are grown up now! ;(


OMG! Demi's new album came out DEMI. LOVE IT! Gonna by it!! AHH!!